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Fit Edge Express

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Fit Edge Express

Fit Edge Express is a one hour safe workout combining 3 different heart rate phases of aerobic, strength and high intensity training. The design and order of the workout is based on fundamental exercise science and heart rate intensities where you initially burn stored sugars in phase one and two finishing phase three in a fat burning state and an elevated metabolism hours after your workout.

After a fitness assessment, goal setting and nutritional guidance consultation, we take you through your initial program set up where you learn how to monitor your prescribed heart rate through each phase. After eight weeks of self- training, you check in for a re assessment to see your progress. Five individual test subjects who participated in the program for eight weeks lost 3-5% body fat and 6 to 8lbs.

To link this cutting edge program to technology, Fit Edge Express uses HEART ZONES TRAINING SYSTEMS, a technology that allows each participant to track their prescribed heart rate intensities on a big screen monitor throughout the entire workout. It is an excellent fitness tool that will keep you honest in your workout! You will get results!

This comprehensive program combining the fundamentals of exercise science and personalized fitness prescription is the answer you have been looking for in your search for a time efficient and results specific program.

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