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Vasper: A Completely New Standard

Are you ready to try something new that disrupts conventional human fitness paradigms to create a completely new standard for optimizing your physical fitness and recovery?

It’s Vasper Training Systems and it’s being introduced exclusively at my studio, FIT EDGE in Los Gatos. Vasper, originating from “vascular performance,” is a patented exercise and rehabilitation technology using the principles of compression and cooling during exercise.

Vasper workflow

Vasper allows users of almost all ages and physical abilities to achieve anaerobic exercise benefits effectively and without sweating. Those benefits are decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, bone density, improved sleep quality, increased focus, clarity of mind, faster recovery from exercise or physical injuries, relief of joint pain and increased exercise capacity.

Most of us exercise aerobically at low intensity, for a longer duration (aerobic) because, let’s face it, a shorter, high intensity (anaerobic) sprint workout doesn’t feel good. Its short bursts of maximum intensity can be painful and it comes with a lot of sweat and long recovery periods.

Studies have shown that the benefits of anaerobic exercise far outweigh the benefits of an aerobic workout. Vasper workouts allow the individual to achieve the benefits of high intensity exercise during a low impact 20-minute interval workout with minimal or zero sweat and fast recovery.

Not only does Vasper provide the healthy individual with immeasurable benefits, it has proven to have significant benefits on the rehabilitative and therapeutic populations.

Serial entrepreneur and former GE Medical Systems executive Peter Wasowski discovered Vasper while seeking a remedy for his own health issues.

“After moving to Hawaii from California in late 1990s,” he says, “I was suffering from traumatic arthritis in both ankle joints and high blood sugar, diagnosed as pre-diabetic.”

Rather than treat these symptoms with medications, he decided to design new technology to address the cause of his symptoms, he said, and undertook eight years of research, building and testing different prototypes combining the core cooling techniques of the NASA space suit’s astronaut temperature control and different forms of vascular compression.

“During the first two weeks of using this device my joint pain associated with arthritis was dramatically reduced and then went away,” says Wasowski. “My blood sugar levels came back to normal and I flushed my medications down the toilet. Soon my friends and neighbors learned about my device, started using it and realized similar benefits.” In 2009 Vasper Systems was formed.

The Vasper Workout


Vasper workouts are done with a Nustep recumbent used in concert with Vasper cooled compression built into the bike.

You warm up 9 minutes at a low-to-moderate pace, followed by a series of high intensity sprint intervals with varying duration (30 to 60 seconds), followed by a 90-second recovery. When your workout is complete you lie down, resting on a liquid cooled table for 10 minutes.

During the entire workout, liquid cooled compression cuffs concentrate the lactic acid in the muscle tissue to generate a stronger impulse to the pituitary gland, which assists with hormonal balance. The cooling element works simultaneously with the compression, keeping the core body temperature cooler during the workout.

Rising body temperatures during exercise is a primary limiting factor for performance. Vasper liquid cooling simulates the effect of exercising in cool water without getting wet. Cooling during exercise also decreases pain intensity and reduces inflammation.

You can Vasper and then walk into your personal workout and experience more power and better performance.

“I know of no other exercise that provides such dramatic gains in such a short amount of time,” says Dr. Jeffery Gladden, an interventional cardiologist and athlete who’s been using Vasper for more than a year. He is director of cardiology services at Wise Regional Hospital and John Hopkins County Memorial Hospital and director of cardiac rehabilitation at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano, all in Texas. “It has become a cornerstone in our performance optimization programs.

“We currently have an ongoing study with cardiac rehab patients to evaluate the effects of Vasper improving cardiac performance, and we have also been using Vasper to train athletes and the general population. Vasper uniformly improves the participants’ reported performance acceleration with no risk of injury. It also has been reported by many to speed the recovery of previous injuries.”

When I walked into Vasper at NASA in 2012, I felt like I had been catapulted back into my Human Performance Lab at Cal Poly. My first workout on Vasper left me feeling exhilarated with an abundance of energy. As an endurance athlete, its effects on my performance and recovery have been astonishing. I have found it to be an incredible “enhancing” workout that has had a profound effect on my workouts and overall quality of health.

The U.S. Navy SEALS, NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes, San Jose Sharks, Stanford University athletes, Ironman athletes, aging athletes, fitness enthusiasts, cardiac patients, and those with spinal cord injuries, among other rehabilitation programs, have used Vasper.

I invite you to join us in becoming a member of the Vasper Team at FIT EDGE and making Vasper a part of your prescription for overall health.

Marleau using Vasper