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FIT EDGE Programs

Personalized fitness programs are your exercise prescription for health. There is a strong emphasis on behavioral modifications and lifestyle changes. Workouts include a combination of cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and core training.Row of Exercise Bikes


Whether you are training for outdoor riding, working on weight loss or building incredible strength and stamina, Spinning at the Fit Edge is a must!

FIT EDGE Training

Personal Training

Our one-on-one training yields the best results. After a wellness and goal-setting consultation, a unique workout is designed so you will achieve optimal results. Workouts are intense and safe. A high level of commitment and discipline are expected.weight training male 508x336

Group Training

Group training is fun and interactive. After an initial screening, you become a part of a five-member group. We emphasize quality in your workouts, so adjustments are made for each member during group sessions.


TPI (Golf) Training

There are many factors that influence the body’s mechanics. These factors are important to consider when working on improving your golf swing. Through a comprehensive screening process, we assess your ability to generate and transfer speed and identify any physical limitations that may correlate directly to your golf swing.

With your results we prescribe a custom conditioning program that includes strength, flexibility, balance, stability, posture, endurance and nutrition.TPI training image

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